INFOSYS 727 Lab 03 - Computer Forensics

Use cryptool to calculate hash of this image you can

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Unformatted text preview: your forensic investigation. Use Cryptool to calculate “Hash” of this image. You can calculate Hash by going to Indiv.Procedures Hash. Use either MD5 or SHA-1. 3. Then go to All programsInfosys 727 FTK. You will see a prompt, check the option “Start a new case” and then fill in the following information. Case Information Case officer’s name Case No Case Name Case Hash Date and Time Credentials 4. Once you fill, follow instructions and add evidence (Image). Once you add the image it takes a fews minutes to load and index the content of the image in the software. 5. Once the Image is indexed use the different tools in order to answer the following questions. 6. Fill your answers for each question and send it to the tutor by the end of the week. Questions 1. What is the total number of encrypted files? 2. What types of files are encrypted? 3. What are the things that mithril cannot buy? Once you find the file, please write down its last modified date and time.(Hint: search for a MasterCard advertising image) INFOSYS 727 DEPARTMENT OF INFORMATION SYSTEMS AND OPERATIONS MANAGEME...
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