ANSC Day 6 - -Herd Health o For nursing dam and calf...

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ANSC Day 6 Optimising calf crop - Feed 1 st calf heifers separate from cows o Reduces competition - Monitor body condition o Too thin- long postpartum interval o Too fat- uneconomical, difficult birth (calf pulling) - Watch for calving difficulty (dystocia) - Breed to “calving ease” bulls (smaller calves at birth) - BSE- Bull breeding Soundness Evaluation o Structural soundness o Normal reproductive organs o Semen evaluation Motility and morphology o Libido Sex drive for 30:1 cow to bull ratio - Crossbreeding hybrid vigor, calf survival - Follow energy requirements of cow-calf pair - Minimize abortions (2-3%) - Vaccinations o Herd health programs - Minimize calf death loss (2-3%) o Establish favorable calving season - Select Bulls for increased weaning weight o Can increase weight 4-6 lbs/generation Increasing Weaning Weight - Breed Early in season to wean early - Crossbreed if feasible for increased vigor - Utilize growth stimulates o Steroid based ear implants Don’t use on replacement heifers - Supplemental Creep Feeding
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Unformatted text preview: -Herd Health o For nursing dam and calf Minimize Cow Cost-Know Costs o Feed= 50-70% of all costs o Labor= 15-20% of costs o Interest charges= 10-15% of costs-Cull “open” cows!! Yearling/Stocker Operation-Purchase calves from Cow-calf operation-Graze for 6-10 months o Very cheap weight gain o Popular in southeast with grazing year round o Health is biggest concern-Put 200+lbs gain on animals-Sell to feeders at 500-900 lbs-Buyers look for potential for fast weight gain o Breed, frame size, etc… o “Compensatory” gain-Marketing o Buy low, add cheap weight, sell high-Feed availability o Soil and forage types o Grazing time and intensity-Animal health o Pre-conditioning from Cow-calf operation adds value Anything streesful already done • Dehorning, Casturation/Banding, Vaccinations Ready to gain weight Stockering Strategies-Heavy weaned steers and heifers o Go straight to feedlot-Southeast states...
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ANSC Day 6 - -Herd Health o For nursing dam and calf...

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