This is the table of the answers for 100 companies

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Unformatted text preview: 1.688,40 4.648,60 28.351,55 114.522,80 0,02 0,03 0,06 0,10 0,15 5,17 10,14 13,05 17,27 28,86 2,76 6,31 8,29 9,66 19,47 0,32 0,85 1,19 2,02 6,06 a) Which are your statistical conclusions if you’re asked to determine a multiplier “EV/Sales for this industry”? b) Do you recognize some outlier for the variable Market Cap? Which ones, if any? Explain your conclusions. c) Which chart would you use to represent the variable Net Profit Margin? d) Do you think this is a correct sample if you want to use this panel in a comparative analysis for a company with a Market Cap equal to 13000 M$? e) Using this panel, which would be a 95% confidence interval for the mean of the index EV/EBITDA in this industry? Explain briefly the meaning of this result. 2 2) RELATION BETWEEN QUALITATIVE VARIABLES A survey wants to identify the relation, if any, between the use of a customized ERP and the time a company need to prepare a quarterly report. This is the table of the answers for 100 companies: < One week Using customized ERP Not using customized ERP 20 5 Between one and two weeks 15 10 > Two weeks 25 25 a) Which graphical representation would you suggest to show effectively the results of the table? (Draw a meaningful chart). b) Which is the percentage of companies using a customized ERP? And the percentage of the companies ready to prepare a quarterly report in less than two weeks? Are these percentages suggesting something to our analysis? c) Calculate the table of perfect independence in this case. d) Produce a table which is an example of perfect relation keeping the same marginal frequencies by column. e) How many “degrees of freedom” should be...
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