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NAME ________KEY __________ Take off 1 point for each incorrect answer unless otherwise marked EFB285 - ZOOLOGY LAB LAB 1 1. Answer all of the following: ** take off 0.25 points for each incorrect answer a. TA’s first and last name:__________________________. b. TA’s office:___________________. c. TA’s email address:________________________. d. The # of this lab section: _________. 2. Half of the quiz each week will cover material from last week and the other half of the quiz each week will cover material for this week . ** take off 0.5 points for each incorrect answer 3. Which of the following things do I need to do before I leave lab each week? (Circle the answer, only 1 is correct) a. Show my TA my drawings to get a grade and turn in my worksheet b. Wipe off the table where I was working c. Put away any microscopes I used with dust covers ON d. Be sure the stage of the microscope does not have a slide on it e. All of the above 4. Are the statements below about biological drawings true or false? (Circle T or F)
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