Oldenburg _I Am For An Art_

I am for the art of hearts funeral hearts or

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Unformatted text preview: wn. I am for the art of punching and skinned knees and sat- on bananas. I am for the art of kids smells. I am for the art of mama- babble. I am for the art of bar- babble, tooth- picking, beerdrinking, egg- salting, in- sulting. I am for the art of falling off a barstool. I am for the art of underwear and the art of taxicabs. I am for the art of ice- cream cones dropped on concrete. I am for the majestic art of dog- turds, rising like cathedrals. I am for the blinking arts, lighting up the night. I am for art falling, splashing, wiggling, jumping, going on and off. I am for the art of fat truck tires and black eyes. I am for Kool- art, 7- UP art, Pepsi- art, Sunshine art, 39 cents art, 15 cents art, Vatronol art, Dro- bomb art, Vam art, Menthol art, L & M art, Ex- lax art, Venida art, Heaven Hill art, Pamryl art, San- o- med art, Rx art, 9.99 art, Now art, New art, How art, Fire sale art, Last Chance art, Only art, Diamond art, Tomorrow art, Franks art, Ducks art, Meat- o- rama art. I am for the art of bread wet by rain. I am for the rat’s dance between floors. I am for the art of flies walking on a slick pear in the electric light. I am for the art of soggy onions and firm green shoots. I am for the a...
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