Class 7 relative motion and fixed axis rotation

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Unformatted text preview: the initial values of the body’s angular position and angular velocity. Note these equations are very similar to the constant acceleration relations developed for the rectilinear motion of a particle. 1. The disk is supported by a stationary pin at its center, i.e it spins about C without translating. Given the angular velocity and acceleration, compute the velocity and acceleration vectors of points A and D using the vector approach and an x­y­z coordinate system. Compare to what you would get with the n­t or r­q system. Contact • When two points are in contact (without slipping): o o o Their velocity is the same Their tangential acceleration is the same Their normal acceleration is NOT EXAMPLE Given: The motor turns gear A with a constant angular acceleration, αA = 4.5 rad/s2, starting from rest. The cord is wrapped around pulley D which is rigidly attached to gear B. Find: The acceleration of cylinder C Plan: 1) The angular acceleration of gear B (and pulley D) can be related to αA. 2) The acceleration of cylinder C can be determined by using the equations of motion for a point on a rotating body since (at)D at point P is the same as ac. What is the tangential acceleratio...
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