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NAME ________KEY __________ SECTION ______ EFB285 - ZOOLOGY LAB LAB 7 1. What is the evolutionary significance of metamerism? __ Along with metamerism comes the__ opportunity for segments to specialize for specific functions. It also enabled rapid evolution in other groups such as the Arthropods . _____________________________________________ 2. What is the advantage of having parapodia for organisms in class Polychaeta? __ They increase surface area for respiration and aid in locomotion in marine environments (Polychaetes are primarily marine organisms). _ 3. What is the function of setae found in earthworms? ____________________________________ ________________ Setae are used for traction during movement ______ __________________ 4. Why might it be advantageous for earthworms to be hermaphroditic? ______________________ ____________ It allows for successful reproduction with any individual encountered ____ ___ 5. Why is it advantageous for leeches to be heat sensitive?________________________________
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