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Quiz 8 What are the 5 hallmarks of Phylum Chordata? 1) Notochord 2) Dorsal nerve cord 3) Pharyngeal slits or pouches 4) Endostyle or thyroid gland 5) Post anal tail 6) Osteichthyes means bony fish . 7) Lampreys are in Kingdom Animalia . 8) Examples of animals in Class Chondrichthyes are: sharks, rays,
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Unformatted text preview: skates, chimearas, ratfish 9) Salmon are migrational fish in the Pacific Northwest in danger of extinction due to logging, pollution, sedimentation, dams, etc. 10) Fish are deuterostomes . B1 Name a terrestrial gastropod. B2 Name an organism in Class Cephalopoda....
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