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Quiz 6 key - 6 Horseshoe crabs have blue blood because...

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1. All the animals that we have covered so far are in Kingdom Animalia and all the animals that we will cover from here to the end of the semester are in Kingdom Animalia . 2. Animals with both male and female gonads are said to be monoecious and animals where the sexes are separate are dioecious . (note, these must be listed in the correct order) 3. Phylum Onychophora is thought to be a “missing link” between Phylum Annelida and Phylum Arthropoda. 4. Arthropods exchange gases (breath) through various mechanisms including trachea , book lungs and gills . 5. The biggest advantages to metamorphosis is that it allows
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Unformatted text preview: . 6. Horseshoe crabs have blue blood because copper is used as the oxygen carrier. 7. Excretory structures found in Arthropods that function like mammalian kidneys are called Malpighian tubules . 8. Ticks are in Order Acari , Class Arachnida , Subphylum Chelicerata , Phylum Arthropoda , Kingdom Animalia . 9. The poison found in a black widow is a neurotoxin . 10. Order Opiliones , also known as harvestment or daddy longlegs , are a considered a sister group to Order Scorpionida, which may be surprising to some. Name: _________________ TA: ______________...
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