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1. Animals in Phylum Mollusca and Annelida are Lophotrochozoa protostomes. 2. The first living (or extant) organisms in Class Monoplacaphora (Phylum Mollusca) were discovered in 1952 in the mid-Atlantic trench. 3. Sea hares are in Class Gastropoda (Subclass Opisthobranchia) . 4. Organisms in Class Bivalvia are especially sensitive to pollution because they are sedentary filter feeders (hint: how they obtain their food). 5. The clitellum of earthworms functions to produce mucus production as well as egg cases. 6. Nematodes are
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Unformatted text preview: Ecdyzoa protostomes. 1. Necator americanus are cosmopolitan ( widely distributed) hookworms found in the Americas that feed on host blood. 1. River blindness is caused by Onchocerca volvulus and transmitted by black flies . 2. Water bears can be found in the water film around mosses and lichens . 3. Metabolic water is a by-product of metabolism, specifically from oxidation which is also called hydrolysis , a chemical reaction where oxygen is added and water is produced....
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