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Quiz 9 - Squamata 2 The chemical olfactory sense organs in...

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Quiz 9 Numbers 1-5 - list the 5 chordate hallmarks 1. Notochord 2. Dorsal nerve cord 3. Pharyngeal slits/pouches 4. Postanal tail 5. Endostyle/thyroid 6. Tiktaalik is an early tetrapod fossil found in 2006 that is morphologically an intermediate between lobe-finned fishes and tetrapods. 1. Komodo dragons are in Order
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Unformatted text preview: Squamata . 2. The chemical olfactory sense organs in snakes are called Jacobson’s organ . 1. Archeopteryx lithographica was the fossil that changed our fundamental idea of what birds are? 1. Please give the Superorder and Order for owls. Superorder Neognathae, Order Strigiformes...
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