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Unformatted text preview: . iii. iv. v. vi. vii. Body Plan Profile Drawing Half Breadths Title Block Proper Heading Offset Table Others – 30 % – 25 % – 20 % –5% –5% – 10 % –5% UNIVERSITY OF KUALA LUMPUR, 32200 Lumut Malaysia Project # 2 Instructions to Students Your Your report should have at least the following: ◦ Cover page -name, and title of the report (given cover page) ◦ Objectives of the report ◦ Drawings of your vessel. Labels all parts and insert it in a proper title block. ◦ Single line drawings for any systems that you identified (if any). UNIVERSITY OF KUALA LUMPUR, 32200 Lumut Malaysia Project # 2 Yo u a r e t o s u b m i t a p r o p e r r e p o r t w i t h t a b l e o f contents in hard and softcopy Late Late submission will be penalized. All submission must be of original work. “The E Mail all hardest your steel softcopy has and to go submit a through printed the hottest copy fire” ([email protected]) UNIVERSITY OF KUALA LUMPUR, 32200 Lumut Malaysia...
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