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2008 Exam 1 key - Principles of Zoology 2008 Exam 1 Choose...

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Principles of Zoology 2008 Exam 1 Choose the BEST answer. Place all your answers on the separate answer sheet. Use a soft lead pencil. 1. If the sperm of an insect contains 4 chromosomes, it comes from an insect that has ______ chromosomes in each body cell. A) 2 B) 8 C) 16 D) 32 E) 48 2. In the case of tall and dwarf pea plants, if a pea plant shows a dominant phenotype, A) it can be only tt B) it can be either TT or Tt C) it can be either Tt or tt D) it can be only TT 3. Sections of DNA that code for a final product are A) transcribed into RNA. B) introns C) exons D) interferons E) None of the above is correct 4. What hormone determines brain organization for male- typical behavior? A) estrogen B) LH C) testosterone D) GnRH E) oxitocin 5. The stomach lining develops from which germ layer? A) ectoderm B) myoderm C) mesoderm D) epiderm E) endoderm 6. The main premise underlying Darwin’s theory of evolution is A) fossil record B) perpetual change C) modularity D) evolvability E) none of these 7. ATP is A) an enzyme used widely in all kinds of cells B) a driver of both sides of the coupled reaction that forms ADP C) a molecule that carries a great deal of chemical energy between the terminal two phosphate bonds D) a precursor of a high energy membrane bound protein E) the building block of all other cell structures 8. Gonadotropin releasing hormone stimulates the A) follicle to produce estrogen B) corpus luteum to produce progesterone C) pituitary to produce FSH and LH D) seminiferous tubules of the testis E) interstitial cells to produce inhibin 9. The sac that surrounds the fetus and usually ruptures just before childbirth is the A) yolk sac B) allantois C) placenta D) amnion E) chorion 10. The function of the acrosome is to A) increase the sperm's motility B) direct the sperm to the egg C) store energy for swimming to the egg D) help a sperm head “digest” its way into an egg E) transport the chromosomes into the egg 11. Since a testcross backcrosses with a pure homozygous recessive strain, the offspring produced by backcrossing a heterozygous hybrid would show genotype(s) A) AA, Aa, and aa B) Aa and aa C) AA and Aa D) AA only E) aa only Page 1
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12. Which one of the following processes involves the synthesis of mRNA? A) transformation B) transposition C) translation D) transcription E) None of the above is correct 13. Spermatogenesis is the A) union of an egg and a sperm B) formation of eggs by females and sperm by males C) cleavage of the embryo D) formation of eggs by females E) formation of sperm by males 14. A 180 nucleotide sequence of DNA that occurs in animals and is highly conserved and controls expression of subordinate genes is called the A) homeobox B) homeodomain C) chordin D) bmp-4 15. A solid ball of cells with a hollow cavity inside is the A) archenteron. B)
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2008 Exam 1 key - Principles of Zoology 2008 Exam 1 Choose...

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