Ethics1 - Ethics-Phil 1100640 Assignment 1 1 There is a...

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Ethics-Phil 1100640 Assignment 1 1. There is a distinguishable difference between rule- utilitarianism and act-utilitarianism. William Frankena describes act-utilitarianism as measuring the consequences of a single act, as apposed to rule-utilitarianism which measures the consequences of the act if repeated over time again and again. Act-utilitarianism takes into consideration the balance of good over evil in the universe. An individual should ask themselves what effect will my action have on the balance of overall good and evil . Frankena uses the example of telling the truth. He states that in act-utilitarianism you should not take into account examples of past experience, rather you should ask whether “telling the truth in this case is for the greatest general good or not.” It is also worth mentioning that under act- utilitarianism, the individual must take into account the effects any action will reap on others, even if the consequences are indirect ones. Act-utilitarianism ask us to base our decisions every time on a new set of consequences and effects on the general good rather than using past experience and “rule of thumb” to lead us in our decision. Rule-utilitarianism is a very different approach, as discussed by Frankena in his book “Ethics”. Rule-utilitarianism is based on the idea that we are told what to do in certain situations
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not by the consequence of that individual decision but by emphasizing which rule has the best appeal. These rules however must be determined on a basis of their utility and nothing else. Rule-utilitarianism does make sacrifices however. Frankena’s example of telling the truth can be cited here as well. Whether or not the telling the truth is the best decision in this certain situation
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Ethics1 - Ethics-Phil 1100640 Assignment 1 1 There is a...

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