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Armenante njit criteria vs standards cont d standards

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Unformatted text preview: IT Criteria vs. Standards (cont.’ d) Standards are the characteristics that the wastewater must satisfy to be lawfully discharged to a receiving body of water or to a POTW. In other terms standards refer to the quality of the outlet water, after its intended use. PIERO M. ARMENANTE NJIT Criteria vs. Standards (cont.’ d) Criteria Water Use Wastewater Treatment Water Treatment Environment PIERO M. ARMENANTE NJIT Standards Types of Discharges of Industrial Wastewaters • Direct industrial discharges to freshwater or saltwater streams • Industrial discharges to a Publicly Owned Treatment Works (POTW) PIERO M. ARMENANTE NJIT Classification of Wastewater Treatments Processes Wastewater Pretreatment Primary Treatment Secondary Treatment Sludge Treatment and Disposal PIERO M. ARMENANTE NJIT Tertiary Treatment Treated Wastewater Discharge Classification of Wastewater Treatments Processes Pretreatment usually refers to any treatment the wastewater is subjected to before entering a conventional wastewater treatment plant, such as a POTW. Pretreatment typically...
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