Lecture 6

E atmospheric pressure in such a case the above

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Unformatted text preview: rization pressure is 1 atm, i.e., atmospheric pressure. In such a case the above equations become: Sout (f P − 1) Fair Air - to - solid ratio = = Fsolids Xo R Sout (f P − 1) Fair Air - to - solid ratio = = Fsolids Xo where P is now expressed in atm. PIERO M. ARMENANTE NJIT no recycle recycle Air Solubility in Water at 1 Atmosphere Temperature (oC) 0 10 20 30 Air Solubility (mL/L) 29.2 22.8 18.7 15.7 To convert air solubility data from mL air /L water to mg air/L water one should remember that: 1 mL air ⇒ 1.3 mg air at standard conditions (0 ºC; 1 atm) PIERO M. ARMENANTE NJIT Overflow Rate in Flotation Units • The overflow rate is equal to the rising velocity of the solids • This parameter is typically determined experimentally to produce a final concentration in the floating sludge of 4 - 5.5% • Overflow rates are typically in the range: 700 - 2500 gal/ft2 day (28 - 100 m3/m2 day) (as opposed to 400 - 1200 gal/ft2 day in gravity thickeners), corresponding to a rising solid v...
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