Lecture 10

This prevents the build up of a stable cake and

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Unformatted text preview: ause of the high velocity of the slurry the level of turbulence intensity on the slurry side is quite elevated. This prevents the build-up of a stable cake and reduces the rate of pressure increase with time across the medium • Cross-flow filters can be effectively used to clarify slurries containing up to 0.5% of suspended solids PIERO M. ARMENANTE NJIT Examples of Cross-Flow Filters • Porous tube filters • Microstraining filters PIERO M. ARMENANTE NJIT Example of a Cross-Flow Filter Tangential filtration Filtrate Incoming Slurry Concentrated Effluent Filtrate PIERO M. ARMENANTE NJIT Example of a Cross-Flow Microscreen Filter After Eckenfelder, Industrial Wastewater Pollution Control, p.383 PIERO M. ARMENANTE NJIT PIERO M. ARMENANTE NJIT...
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