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Recitation Assignment #5 Geography 1992 Nick Sitko-Gueg 312 Recitation 105 The French Quarter The study of the development and changes of the French Quarter is a study of one of the most unique and independent urban systems in the world. It is truly a city within a city which has withstood and resisted urban development for over 300 years. The unique location of New Orleans at the mouth of the Mississippi River contributed significantly to the cultural and economic development of the French Quarter (hereinafter referred to as "the Quarter"). ( ) Established by a French military officer, the Quarter was a series of streets in the design of a grid, with a central square that included a church and a prison. The initial influence of the French was reinforced with the influx of thousands of refugees from the French and Haitian wars. The port of New Orleans was seen as a convenient and logical place for refugees to flee in the early 1800s. Because of the obvious architectural French influence in the Quarter and subsequent Spanish architectural influence, immigrants identified immediately with the Quarter. The port further provided to the newly immigrated ability to work in the various industries, which would go on to flourish after the Louisiana
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geog1992 - Recitation Assignment #5 Geography 1992 Nick...

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