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Geography 1992-2 - Geography 1992 Fall 05 Human Geography...

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Geography 1992, Fall 05 Human Geography Dr. Rachel Silvey Recitation Assignment 2 Geography of Clothing 1. What is the author’s primary objective in writing this article? After reading the article it is my understanding that Jessica Rothenberg- Aalami’s intent was to raise awareness of the inequitable and inhumane treatment of workers in Asia at Nike run factories. She goes on the further explain the commodity chains and integrated production networks that make up this business. In doing so she helps the reader to grasp the interconnectedness between Nike, its consumers, and manufacturers Rothenberg-Aalami addresses the issues of hierarchy and struggle between the "insiders" and the "outsiders" within and outside the factory doors. She states that in summation that we can not fully inquire and critique the impact of reforms in Nike’s integrated production networks until we study the missing links in commodity chains. Furthermore, I believe that Jessica Rothernberg-Aalami is a advocate for the understanding and awareness of what is taking place in Asia and the necessary steps that need to be taken to understand and deal with the underlying issues at hand. 2. Define
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Geography 1992-2 - Geography 1992 Fall 05 Human Geography...

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