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Unformatted text preview: VARY AMYLASE (ptyalin), a digestive enzyme. The parotid gland is GRANULAR, it is attached by fascia. It is also the largest of the salivary glands. The parotid empties into the PAROTID DUCT which empties between the last two molars at the angle of the jaw. The parotid gland is an EXOCRINE GLAND. Exocrine glands empty via a duct to a specific location. The other type of gland is an ENDOCRINE GLAND that empties directly into the bloodstream. Caudal and ventral to the parotid gland is the SUBMANDIBULAR GLAND (SUBMAXILLARY). The SUBMAXILLARY DUCT empties this gland. It runs on the lateral aspect of the digastric muscle. This gland carries saliva into the angle of the lower jaw. The SUBLINGUAL GLAND is on the submaxillary duct. It is wedge shaped and it is lateral to the digastric muscle. The DORSAL and VENTRAL FACIAL NERVES run around the outline of the masseter muscle. These nerves come out in front of the ear from the STYLOMASTOID FORAMEN and branch across the face. 1. Masseter Muscle 2. Parotid Gland 3. Parotid Duct 4. Submandibular...
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