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Unformatted text preview: inch blind sac caudally from the sphincter. Off the cecum is the APPENDIX. There is currently no purpose for the appendix. Some research is pointing toward an immune function. From the cecum is the ASCENDING COLON (5 inches). It is retroperitoneal. The RIGHT COLIC FLEXURE leads to the TRNASVERSE COLON (15 inches). The LEFT COLIC FLEXURE leads to the DESCENDING COLON (10 inches) and it is also retroperitoneal. The descending colon leads to the SIGMOID COLON. The name change occurs at the SIGMOID FLEXURE. The RECTUM (5 inches) leads to the ANAL CANAL (7 inches). The final sphincter in the tract is the SPHINCTER ANI. The sigmoid and rectum are also retroperitoneal. The transverse colon hands on a piece of the MESOCOLIC LIGAMENT. It hangs into the umbilical region. The longitudinal bands of muscle in the colon are three bands that do not completely surround the structure. The only part of the large intestine that have complete muscle coverage is the rectum. Parotid Gland Liver esophagus Gastroesophageal sphincter Gall bladd...
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