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Unformatted text preview: re arteries, capillaries, and veins. The veins drain into the HEPATIC PORTAL SYSTEM which ultimately drain into the liver and INFERIOR VENA CAVA. There is also lymphatic drainage via LACTEALS which drain into the CISTERNA CHYLI. These drain into the THORACIC DUCT. SEGMENTAL PERISTLASIS occurs in the small intestine. This segmenting results in a sausage appearing structure. The ileocecal valve (sphincter) regulates flow into to large intestine. It also prevents backflow from the large intestine into the small intestine. Sources of Intestinal Secretions Sources of Intestinal Secretions Esophagus Stomach Cystic Duct Hepatic Ducts Spleen Common Bile Duct Gall Bladder pancreas Jejunum villi Duodenum microvilli 1. Cardiac Stomach 8. Ascending Colon 2. Fundic Stomach 9. Ileum 3. Stomach Body 10. Jejunum 4. Pyloric Stomach 11. Sigmoid Colon 5. Lesser Omentum 12. Spleen 6. Duodenum 13. Gastrospleenic Ligament 7. Pancreas (Ventral) 14. Bladder The Large Intestine The Large Intestine 5 feet long The CECUM extends as a 2.5...
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