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Unformatted text preview: : c~, O Y!V}cllen~J ~upi~i1s Svqer-.lvYlOS svq-ev-·,~ t.elS v. ~')'Y;{\S I S COY1clU-\O J .,.-- [YOf\ Condo\Q. Tuve ·- .J ..... v YllJf1ft10S J fu-evoV! "' su-pwnas Slrp,s-k \ ci.JvYYi IeV'Oh d ·, (i s1i's ~-·, st..t\.S . v I · Sugerir rn'1re1von eom·,steis Cbml \l()\\fev Ellos, Ellas, Ustedes. COYYll YVlDS Comev- * Vosotros, Vosotras t. e Supieron . ~J· 1 r-\-e Y011 1 .) 1. lUYI t' "Vfl an du.\ evVn Condujimos 4u"d COY16u·\·,nws 0 ..) uvirl10S 1uvisl:;els . f.:;vi-e"...
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