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Unformatted text preview: \. fl._ \ \CI. ii'AO.t" (). odU .\'\ I0 S j.)Ci yev -\~ -el ~1/{IJC 10 .Ilost your dog. ~ fVU.. ? el' t j c) -fv rpe. {I 0 11.I burnt dinner. ~ f)\1_ D \(!A ~v-(-tC1.Q... o\•·\) _cl ct vf1CA 12.Today, you cannot forget to call. &~ ~~ r-e.. e\ \J~c~ \ \OJVUA. r r 13 .I dropped coffee all over the papers. )<_ j'YI..Q_ COl. y -t\. CQ.~f <'i , 0 9. Ilostmydog. ~ fY\l.- qJ{ (\ f\ '<S> 14.~y fr~ds always forget to tell m~ important news. . f\ o.'\\~1 S-~~ ~)t I 0\Vlch d,etl(flU ~as t'"XJ+It.(Ct~ ~ es • 16. ('J you ever bre~ your glasses? ~afr~}illn oL~ut~ wr~~=it. 14~ 5"{f:! 3 'b·tel\1(/r-t ~ 1 C4L£to \a marr+eq ui I~C\ . I f\ IDS "jbp-de & nss CUOil o \o tUC!£>do...
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