Imperative - Affirmative and Negative

D ont put leave dont leave ii ii b e dont

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Unformatted text preview: on't put! " " " Leave! Don't leave! II II " B e! Don't be! II II II Have! Don't have! II II II Come! Don't come! II II II A firmativo ve j id vaya vayan Negativo no vayas no vayais no vaya no vayan A firmativo pon l poned ponga pongan Negativo no pongas no pongais no ponga no pongan A firmativo sal l salid salga salgan Negativo no salgas no salgais no salga no salgan A firmativo se 1 s ecf sea sean Negativo no seas no seais no sea no sean A firmativo ten \ " tened tenga tengan Negativo no tengas no tengais no tenga no tengan A firmativo...
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