organizing the body of a speech

B the effects mrsa include skin infections damage to

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Unformatted text preview: in infections, damage to internal organs, pneumonia, and, in some cases, death. a. Fraudulent charity fund-raising is a widespread national problem. b. The problem can be solved by a combination of government regulation and individual awareness. a. Founded in 1948, NASCAR was limited primarily to the South through the 1950s and 1960s. b. The modern era of NASCAR began in the 1970s with the development of the points system to crown a yearly champion . c. Today NASCAR is second only to football as the most popular spectator sport in America. 3. Reorganize the outline of twelve main points below so as to reduce the twelve main points to three main points, each with three subpoints. Use parallel wording when stating the main points. (3pts) I. Choose a course that is su itable for everyone in the hiking group. II. Shop for the food you will need . Ill. You will need proper clothing for the terrain and climate. IV. The first part of preparing for a backpacking trip is plotting the course. V. Work out a menu that covers all meals you will eat on the trip. VI. You will need a tent that is lightweight yet spacious. VII. Preparing food is also important. VIII. Check detailed maps so you can identify obstacles on your course . IX. Carefully pack the food in waterproof bags. X. You will need strong, comfortable hiking boots. XI. Consider the climate of the hiking area when plotting your course. XII. Good Equipment is a necessity as well....
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