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Unformatted text preview: topic logically and consistently. ® O.'r.tillote.S · wX111 __ O"lptl 0\ Cf \m pwStDC\8 aorre v. mtrm Persuasive Speeches on questions of value A. What are questions of value? (' a. Que~tiOnS of value require judgmentS based On a person'S D · • abOUt What is or {'I YQVJ{' , good or bad, rtr>fO. or 1r'Nt etc. B. Analyzing ques\ion of value. a. The first step is to define the speakers set of S=ffincbfC\~ for value judgment. b. The second step is to judge the subject of the speech [\(},(), ( ~ those -----''---'.:..:...!.::....J..._ J C. Organizing speeches on questions of value. a. The first main point establishes the standards for the speakers ViA\ 0{ b. The second main point applies those standards to the speech SO Yt£\Yl.\-- rt\ f J )r,., , bjecf VI. Persuasive speeches on questions of policy A. What are Questions of Policy? a. They inevitably involve questions of b. They may also involve questions of \/QIVe c. But they always go beyond questions of something l:>VJotJI or ~I JJ! \ Y'l)~ B. Types of speeches on questions of Policy ±ate...+ Ml+ or VlliUP be done. --''--="'-'-"'-'.~-- to decide whether Speeches to Gain Passive Agreement .. '/)1. -W\ \V\ ~-\\1~ The speakers aim is to affect the O..~Y e£... of li~teners. ii. The speaker does not try to get listeners to take Ill Sap~r± of policy. b. Speeches to gain immediate action 1 () Th~ speakers aim is to get the audience to do something in ~~+' of the pohcy. ii. When seeking i~!diate action, speakers should make their recommendations for action as 5~1-\'1 (.., as possible. C. Analyzing questions of policy a. a. 0 G 1 Speaker's who advocate a change in policy must prove there for the change. Speaker's who oppose a in policy will try to show there is for change. ·\ S . h0 a need 0tft\ Plan G c. acbon Need 11. b. ment After showing the need for change, a persuasive speaker must offer a specific plan- ? policy--that will 50\\/£, the need _ 11. Tke SJieaker should be as specific as time allows in j(Jl1\ the...
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