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Unformatted text preview: ak in eve~hi~g a speak~r says. a. Listeners do not si~)S ,t Vel ~ r'lO. i. As they _listen, they assess the speaker's cres\I'Qd lty, IVU~ ll ~J PJOr\-evlct\S, \C\V1£A\ilct:' , and the like. 11. They may ai{O...I lf: J inside their minds, with the speaker. 111. re.. rn\ Ju ,Suwv+i 1 ' b. (Arr)d Persuasive speakers regard their speeches as a kind of mental \0.\~ with the audience. i. en preparing the speech they should try to put themselves in of ~ aM~u ~ ii. Above all they try to aobGif audience (jOjfC I-Jf and to aos~eythem in the sJeech. C. The Target Audience a. The-fa~t }- f"' · "'t .;:. is the part of the whole audience a speaker most yVG\Y) to reach with his or her message. In mos situatio s, the target audience consists of listeners, listeners who are ~ \ toward agreement with the speaker, and listeners who disagree with the ' ' speaker but who are open w'G;h~ 11 (). pe vs~C1')lOV\ c. Once a speaker knows where the target audience stands, he or she can 1ftr the speech to fit the values and concerns of the target audience. d :y\a{g. . \-e nuero ( ? 1 @ e jg IV. Persuasive Speeches on Questions of Fact 1 A. What are questions of fact? Some questions of fact can be answered with -for example, how far is it from New york to Baghdad? b. Other questions of fact cannot be answered aDS<llofe\tj _-;_1 ~ ....___ -for example, will the economy be better or worse next year? B. Analyzing questions of fact. a. The of an informative speech is to give information as .I (-1 as 1 possible, not to argue for as specific point of view b. Unlike speeches to inform, persuasive speeches on questions of fact take a ---p2V-il~n view of the information and try to the audience to accept the speaker view about that information. C. Organizing Speeches on questions of fact. a. In such speeches, each ·~ ().!- will present a reason why the audience with the speaker. should b. As in otheM>peeches using topical order, persuasive speeches on question of fact should subdivide the...
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