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Unformatted text preview: .,....,_-=-=---~P, a. \?\Vl \0\J\1 SuDjfC±rruya Y, 'S \ n \na \ ±e(m iecn 1q v.e5 . Sive\S Q'lpl11Qfl(J_ e. . Speakers can enhance their credibility by{5\atj lsVllt'l'! J audience. Dlf\'lt1 rl D Establishingco~ VliV\J'"~v .r.es?vt± ngro!W-d s~ing audience' s ~.Ck means ii. Establishing com/11 speech. f. _.:.,:;._,_,'-"-'-.=..='--- with the OJ 0 for and < Speakers can e~ha~ce their credibility by delivering their speeches J _ ~ound i~'S~~F:iny important in the \lJalhl Ylli\ U \da.n-hf\, {!ljwith the J ~ of a1P·f\UQ5t\Je .fIuen±w. ' . f) I v' e\'I and with ~lW.Vlh '1 .Q\Yl.j~Uttd @) There is substantial research showing thatyY')~ . ~ t1l!V delivery greatly enhances a speaker's credibility. 11. Speaking with genuine (JX\ V\ c-til!n also does a great deal to strengthen a speaker' s credibility. COnvtcAiun . III. Using Evidence Jb used to prove or disprove Evidence consists ofe1afrly\0S ' something. b. To be persuasive, speakers must support their views with evidence. 1 ~ Careful listeners are skeptical of unsupporte r . • arid (,\al Y\1) (\~r@\: evidence is particularly impont nt when the speaker is not recognized as an V) e~v+ on the speech topic. . iii. str? t ievidence is also crucial when the target audience opposes the speakers¥--t"-'..._ -n .J 21' '--'----- of a. 1 J ,· . >rt:' R' V1€V\J 1. 2. · . . is Skeptical listeners will mentally createQ)Jvlf-f.vC?W'' ·'answer what _he speaker says. t The speaker' s success will depend on partly on ho~ell she or hearthc.t::-T these internal responses and gives evidence to refute them. · f fl c. There are four tips persuasive speakers shqul~ follow to use evidencee [ l V l . i. Persuasive speakers should use Spe!J~.G evidence. , _ 1. Research indicates that evidence is more persuasive when it is stated in S{¥L~'--' rather than ~£V\..QycU terms. 2. evidence also enhances a speaker's credibility by demonstrating his or her ~tli)A~ . of the topic. 11. Persuasive speakers ~ould use evidence. 1. Studies show that evidence will be more persuasive when it...
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