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Unformatted text preview: • [(lttet+ Diverse beliefs in life styles stay -\+-l.L...!..!...L..U~~ • Life partner • Spouse H~::~sbana/ Wife l • o Don't categorize gays and lesbians in same BACKGROUND DIVERSITY o ajority of Americans support this diversity as a '¥JS . _ _ -4P-£.L9-\1~ () ) \ in this w.orld and YlA \..L. are different than they o Attitudes about were a few decades ago RELIGION o Religion is the most emotionally charges and passionately defended o Serious Consequences o \'\t~ •!• Lt ,~.1"_\.-1+-­ -=. .;. r Q--\11\Y\.\O±i •!• •!• GROUP MEMBE...
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