During each hair cycle the melanocyte stem cells

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Unformatted text preview: ls renew themselves and generate novel melanocytes. Red represents promuta posed amplifying cells and green melanocytes. factor pairs. thelin cepto spotti coat c a se enzima tirosinasi coupl Edn3 McCa Mice nrb lo melanosoma and d 1994) muta and s in me At 10 c/c => albino homo Fig. 2. Melanosome development. A: The four stages of melanosome development are shown Allele c recessivo, sestriated stage provoca assenza del pigmento (fenotipo in stage III and the fully fewer omozigote, II melanosome, the early deposition of melanin with the pigmented stage IV genotipi degli a In geni III melanosomes, the albino), indipendentemente dai melanosomes. B: ltri stage coinvolti nel colore pigmentation enzymes Tyr, embr Tyrp1, and Dct reside in the melanosome membrane and catalyze the synthesis of melanin from del pelo. ducin tyrosine. The melanin is believed to be deposited onto fibrillar structures formed by the Silver feren protein. Currently, it is not known how tyrosine is transported into the melanosome. Several other ment proteins reside in the...
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