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More recently loss of function mutations of mc4r have

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Unformatted text preview: ations of Mc4r have been found in severely obese humans20,21. In addition to altering signaling through the pigmentation-associated Mc1r, agouti inhibits signaling through other melanocortin receptor subtypes as well (Table 1). Experiments with recombinant protein and melanocortin receptors expressed in heterologous cells have revealed that agouti, as expected, is a potent antagonist of Mc1r. Agouti also inhibits signaling through Mc2r, which is exLa proteina Agouti si lega al pressed in the adrenal gland, and Mc4r, which is expressed in the recettore 1 della melanocortina brain22. However, agouti has little effect on Mc3r, which is ex(Mc1r) hypothalamus, gut and placenta, or pressed in the e blocca la trasduzione on Mc5r, which is widely expressed. che porta alla sintesi del segnale These biochemical data, along with the physiological data observed with the targeted deletion of Mc4r in d have eumelanina mice, ella led to the current view that the ubiquitous expression of agouti produces obesity by antagonizing signaling through Mc4r in the brain. Agouti, however, does not normally...
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