Mouse studies have provided further evidence that

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Unformatted text preview: that Agrp might play an important role in regulating body weight. Human AGRP produces obesity when overexpressed in mice by means of a transgene (Fig. 3)23. Transgenic animals, in which expression of human AGRP is placed under control of the ubiquitously expressed -actin promoter, weigh twice as much as their non-transgenic littermates by three months of age. Overexpression of human Agouti by means of a similar -actin transgene produces a similar weight phenotype23. However, the ubiquitous expression of the agouti gene (Fig. 1) produces yellow animals whereas the ubiquitous expression of AGRP 15 ment regul anoth 12/7/12 direct Fig. 1. Melanocyte development. A: Melanoblasts, the precursors to melanocytes, arise from the haps neural crest and then migrate to their destination, e.g., in the hair follicle. Several genes known to mech affect the development of melanoblasts and melanocytes are indicated. B: When in the hair follicle, ment the melanoblasts either go straight to the hair follicle matrix and form fully developed melanocytes Sev or they go to the bulge region where they form melanocyte stem cells. During each hair cycle, the melanocyte stem cel...
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