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Several other ment proteins reside in the melanosome

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Unformatted text preview: melanosome membrane, including the Mart1 and Slc24A5 proteins. Their Ednrb function is largely unknown. initia melan or Mitf regulates expression of Kit. Steingrimsson et al., 2004). This path- Of int There is experimental evidence sup- way promotes the interaction of Mitf quire porting both scenarios. It is well es- with the coactivator p300, resulting in melan P A/A C/C a/a c/c Lik tablished in vitro that Kit signals to increased transcriptional activation aguti albino il genotipo c/c Mitf through Map kinase-mediated potential of the èMitf protein. The muta e signaling pathway also results factor F1 phosphorylation of Mitf (reviewed in same pistatico sugli A/a C/c altri geni Gene C, tirosinasi aguti F1 X F1 A/a C/c aguti A/a X A/a C/c X C/c A/a C/c aguti Rapporti F2 combinati Rapporti fenotipici F2 3/4 C/- F2 9/16 A/- C/- 9/16 aguti 1/4 c/c 3/16 A/- c/c 3/16 albini 3/4 C/- 3/16 a/a C/- 3/16 neri 3/4 A/- 4/16 albini 1/4 a/a 1/4 c/c 1/16 a/a c/c Epistasi recessiva: alla F2 rapporto 9:3:4 1/16 albini Epistasi di cc su A/- e a/a 16 12/7/12 Epistasi recessiva F2: 9 neri: 3 marroni: 4 gialli Epistasi recessiva Sistema gruppi sanguigni ABO: Due genitori con gruppo sanguigno 0 hanno avuto un figlio con fenotipo A Come si spiega? L’omozigosi per un allele raro ( h, detto Bombay) di un secondo ge...
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