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Unformatted text preview: nformation about his/her own health risks; (2) the individual uses this information to develop an individualized T h e n o n - c o d in g p a rt o f t h e h u m a n g e n o m e i s f u n c ti o n a ll y i m p o r t a n t , y e t lit tl e i s k n o w n a b o u t it . © 2003 Nature Publishing Group prevention or treatment plan; (3) the individual implements that plan; (4) this leads to improved health; and (5) healthcare costs are reduced. Scrutiny of these assumptions is needed, both to test them and to determine how each step could best be accomplished in different clinical settings. Research is also required that critically evaluates new genetic tests and interventions in terms of parameters such as benefits, access and cost. Such research should be interdisciplinary and use the tools and expertise of many fields, including genomics, health education, health behaviour research, health outcomes research, healthcare delivery analysis, and healthcare economics. Some of these fields have historically paid little attention to genomic...
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