Although an executive order protects us government

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Unformatted text preview: Leg/StateIns and PolicyEthics/Leg/StateEmploy). The US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has ruled that the Americans with Disabilities Act should apply to discrimination based on predictive genetic information44, but the legal status of that construct remains in some doubt. Although an executive order protects US government employees against genetic discrimination, this does not apply to other workers. Thus, many observers have concluded that effective federal legislation is needed, and the US Congress is currently considering such a law. Making certain that genetic tests offered to the public have established clinical validity and usefulness must be a priority for future research and policy making. In the United States, the Secretary’s Advisory Committee on Genetic Testing extensively reviewed this area and concluded that further oversight is needed, asking the Food and Drug Administration I t s h o ul d b e p o s si b l e t o u n d e rs t a n d t h e d if f e r e n c e b e t w e e n a ‘ b a g o f m o l e c ul e s’ a n d a biolo gic al syst e m . © 2003 Nature Publishing Group to review new predictive genetic tests prior to marketin...
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