But how this will happen has been less clearly

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Unformatted text preview: cit in its expectation that the human genome sequence would lead to improvements in human health, and subsequent five-year plans reaffirmed this view15–17. But how this will happen has been less clearly articulated. With the completion of the original goals of the HGP, the time is right to develop and apply large-scale genomic strategies to empower improvements in human health, while anticipating and avoiding potential harm. Such strategies should enable the research community to achieve the following: ◆ Identify genes and pathways with a role in health and disease, and determine how they interact with environmental factors. ◆ Develop, evaluate and apply genome- BOX 5 Ethical, legal and social implications (ELSI) To d a y ’s g e n o m i c s re s e a rc h a n d a p p li c a t i o n s re s t o n m o re t h a n a d e c a d e o f v a lu a b l e in v e stig a tio n int o t h e ir e t h i c a l , l e g a l a n d s o c i a l i m p li c a t i o n s . A s t h e a p p li c a t i o n o f g e n o m i c s t o h...
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