Conclusions preparing a vision for the future of

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Unformatted text preview: me to be sequenced for $1,000 or less; ◆ the ability to synthesize long DNA molecules at high accuracy for $0.01 per base, allowing the synthesis of gene-sized pieces of DNA of any sequence for between $10 and $10,000; ◆ the ability to determine the methylation status of all the DNA in a single cell; and ◆ the ability to monitor the state of all proteins in a single cell in a single experiment. Conclusions Preparing a vision for the future of genomics research has been both daunting and exhilarating. The willingness of hundreds of experts to volunteer their boldest and best ideas, to step outside their areas of self-interest and to engage in intense debates about opportunities and priorities, has added a richness and audacity to the outcome that was not fully anticipated when the planning process began. To the extent that this article captures the sense of excitement of the new discipline of genomics, it is to their credit. A complete list of the participants in this planning process can be found at www.genome. gov/About/Vision/Acknowledgements. A final word is appropriate about the breadth of the vision articulated here. A choice had to be ma...
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