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Continuation of the extensive collaboration between

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Unformatted text preview: m e i s ri g h t t o d e v e l o p a n d a p p ly larg e -s c ale g e n o m ic s tr a t e g i e s t o i m p r o v e h u m a n h e a lt h . © 2003 Nature Publishing Group Implementation: the NHGRI’s role The vision for the future of genomics presented here is broad and deep, and its realization will require the efforts of many. Continuation of the extensive collaboration between scientists and between funding sources that characterized the HGP will be essential. Although the NHGRI intends to participate in all the research areas discussed here, it will need to focus its efforts to use its finite resources as effectively as possible. Thus, it will take a major role in some areas, actively collaborate in others, and have only a supporting role in yet others. The NHGRI’s priorities and areas of emphasis will also evolve as milestones are met and new opportunities arise. The approach that has characterized genomics and led to the success of the HGP — an initial focus on technology development a...
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