For instance in reproductive genetic testing it is

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Unformatted text preview: oural traits are more frequent in certain populations. Given this history and the real potential for recurrence, 844 between diverse parties based on an accurate and detailed understanding of the relevant science and ethical, legal and social factors will promote the formulation and implementation of effective policies. For instance, in reproductive genetic testing, it is crucial to include perspectives from the disability community. Research should explore how different individuals, cultures and religious traditions view the ethical boundaries for the uses of genomics — for instance, which sets of values determine attitudes towards the appropriateness of applying genomics to such areas as reproductive genetic testing, ‘genetic enhancement’ and germline gene transfer. it is particularly important to gather sufficient scientifically valid information about genetic and environmental factors to provide a sound understanding of the contributions and interactions between genes and environment in these complex phenotypes. It is also important that there be robust research to investigate the implications, for both individuals and society, of uncovering any genomic contribu...
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