Ii genomics to health translating genome based

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Unformatted text preview: evelop policy options for data access and for patenting, licensing and other intellectual property issues to facilitate the dissemination of genomics data. II Genomics to health Translating genome-based knowledge into health benefits The sequencing of the human genome, along with other recent and expected achievements in genomics, provides an unparalleled opportunity to advance our understanding of the role of genetic factors in human health and disease, to allow more precise definition of the non-genetic factors involved, and to apply this insight rapidly to the prevention, diagnosis and based diagnostic methods for the prediction of susceptibility to disease, the prediction of drug response, the early detection of illness and the accurate molecular classification of disease. ◆ Develop and deploy methods that catalyse the translation of genomic information into therapeutic advances. treatment of disease. The report by the US National Research Council that originally envisioned the HGP was expli...
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