Longitudinal population cohorts this promising

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Unformatted text preview: s for promoting dialogue and collaboration between the ELSI researchers and genomic and clinical researchers need to be developed; such examples might include structural rewards for interdisciplinary research, intensive summer courses or mini-fellowships for cross-training, and the creation of centres of excellence in ELSI studies to allow sustained interdisciplinary collaboration. Longitudinal population cohort(s) This promising research resource will be so broadly applicable, and will require such 845 feature extensive funding that, although the NHGRI might have a supporting role in design and oversight, success will demand the involvement and support of many other funding sources. of scientists who wish to share their data with the community in such a generous manner. Non-genetic factors in health and disease A consequence of an improved definition of the genetic factors underlying human health and disease will be an improvement in the recognition and definition of the environmental and other non-genetic contributions to those traits. This is another area in which the NHGRI will be involved through the d...
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