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Pilot scale efforts the nhgri has initiated the

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Unformatted text preview: ort is the human haplotype map (HapMap). This project, a collaboration between the NHGRI, many other NIH institutes, and four international partners, is scheduled for completion within three years. The outcome of the International HapMap Project will significantly shape the future direction of the NHGRI’s research efforts in the area of genetic variation. Pilot-scale efforts The NHGRI has initiated the ENCODE Project to begin the development of the human genome ‘parts list’. The first phase will address the application and improvement of existing technologies for the large-scale identification of coding sequences, transcription units and other functional elements for which technology is currently available. When the results of the ENCODE Project show evidence of efficacy and affordability at the pilot scale, consideration will be given to implementing the appropriate technologies across the entire human genome. Technology development Many areas of critical importance to the realization of the genomics-based vision for bio...
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