Researchers themselves need maximum access to the

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Unformatted text preview: mputational models) by a wide range of potential users, including researchers, commercial enterprises, healthcare providers, patients and the public. Researchers themselves need maximum access to the data as soon as possible (see ‘Data release’, below). Use of the information for the development of therapeutic and other products necessarily entails consideration of the complex issues of intellectual property (for example, patenting and licensing) and commercialization. The intellectual property practices, laws and regulations that affect genomics must adhere to the principle of maximizing public benefit, but must also be consistent with more general and longerestablished intellectual property principles. Further, because genome research is global, international treaties, laws, regulations, practices, belief systems and cultures also come into play. Without commercialization, most diagnostic and therapeutic advances will not reach the clinical setting, where they can benefit patients. Thus, we need to d...
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