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Unformatted text preview: r NIH institutes and other funding organizations. Accordingly, the NHGRI expects that its involvement in this area of research will often be implemented through partnerships and collaborations. The NHGRI is particularly interested in stimulating research approaches to the identification of gene variants that confer disease resistance and other manifestations of ‘good health’. S o cie ty m u st f o r m u l a t e p o li c i e s to a d dre ss m a ny of th e q u e s ti o n s r a i s e d b y g e n o m ic s. © 2003 Nature Publishing Group Databases Another type of community resource for the biological and biomedical research communities is represented by databases (Box 3). But their support represents a potentially significant problem. Funding agencies, reflecting the interest of the research community, tend to prefer to use their research funds to support the generation of new data, and the ongoing need for continued and increasing support for the data archives and robust access to them i...
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