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Translating the success of the hgp into medical

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Unformatted text preview: of new genetic technologies and information. Translating the success of the HGP into medical advances intensifies the need for proactive efforts to ensure that benefits are maximized and harms minimized in the many dimensions of human experience. A reader’s guide The vision for genomics research detailed here is the outcome of almost two years of intense discussions with hundreds of scientists and members of the public, in more than a dozen workshops and numerous individual consultations (see www.genome.gov/ About/Planning). The vision is formulated into three major themes — genomics to biology, genomics to health, and genomics to society — and six crosscutting elements. We envisage the themes as three floors of a building, firmly resting on the foundation of the HGP (Figure 2). For each theme, we present a series of grand challenges, in the spirit of the proposals put forward for mathematics by David Hilbert at the turn of the twentieth century18. These grand challenges are intended to be bold, amb...
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