Unless research provides reliable data and rigorous

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Unformatted text preview: even to the extent of understanding more fully how we define ourselves and each other. In the next few years, society must not only continue to grapple with numerous questions raised by genomics, but must also formulate and implement policies to address many of them. Unless research provides reliable data and rigorous approaches on which to base such decisions, those policies will be illinformed and could potentially compromise us all. To be successful, this research must encompass both ‘basic’ investigations that develop conceptual tools and shared vocabularies, and more ‘applied’, ‘translational’ projects that use these tools to explore and define appropriate public-policy options that incorporate diverse points of view. As it has in the past, such research will continue to have important ramifications for all three major themes of the vision presented here. We now address research that focuses on society itself, more than on biology or health. Such efforts should enable the research community to: ◆ Analyse the impact of...
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