Approach to the translation of genomic sequence

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Unformatted text preview: of the NHGRI in bringing a genomic approach to the translation of genomic sequence information into health benefits. The NHGRI brings two unique assets to this challenge. First, it has close ties to a scientific community whose direct role over the past 13 years in bringing about the genomic revolution provides great familiarity with its potential to transform biomedical research. Second, the NHGRI’s long-standing mission, to investigate the broadest possible implications of genomics, allows unique flexibility to explore the whole spectrum of human health and disease from the fresh perspective of genome science. By engaging the energetic and interdisciplinary genomics-research community more directly in health-related research and by exploiting the NHGRI’s ability to pursue opportunities across all areas of human biology, the institute seeks to participate directly in translating the promises of the HGP into improved human health. To fully achieve this goal, the NHGRI must also continue in its vigorous support of another of its vital missions — the coupling of its scientific research programme with research into the social consequences of increased availability...
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