Then you can use rotational kinematics with the

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Unformatted text preview: . Then you can use rotational kinematics with the angular acceleration and angular velocity to find the time it takes and the number of revolutions the station will make to reach the desired rate of rotation. You should obtain a time of 2.6x104 seconds and a total of 1.95x103 revolutions. Physics 211 Week 8 Rotational Kinematics and Energy: Rotating Tip In the Physics 211 Laboratory one group of students has decided to pursue their own experiments. They make a simple pendulum from a weight attached to a string of length L. They attach the other end of the string to a fixed support. They hold the weight with the string taut and horizontal and then released it. With their motion sensor they measure the speed of the weight as the string passes through the vertical. Remembering that all objects fall with the same acceleration, the students do a second experiment. They attach one end of a uniform stick of length L to the support, which acts as a pivot. They hold the stick horizontal and release it. T...
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