They then measure the speed of the tip of the stick

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Unformatted text preview: hey then measure the speed of the tip of the stick with their motion sensor. Do they measure the same speed? Both situations can be treated as a conservation of energy where gravitational potential energy becomes rotational kinetic energy. The simple pendulum will have a change in gravitational potential energy equal to the length of the string; however, the rod will have a change half of that value since the center of mass of the rod is not at the tip as it is for the simple pendulum. The two set-ups also have different moments of inertia. Write a conservation of energy equation for each of the two set-ups. Solving for the translational speeds of the tips, the pendulum will measure while the speed of the rod will measure Therefore, the tip of the stick is faster than the pendulum. L center of mass, m v Physics 211 Week 8 Energy Conservation: Pothole (Solutions) A car is traveling along a horizontal road when it suddenly encounters a pothole, in which the level of the road abruptly changes by a height h. The su...
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